Rashtrasant Janardhan Swami College of Nursing

Shri Janardhan Swami College of Nursing

Rashtrasant Janardhan Swami
College of Nursing

The Chairman

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you to Rashtrasant Janardhan Swami College of Nursing, Kopargaon.

Education is the principal source of growth, progress and development in any part of the world. Quality education has been responsible for upliftment of the society and contributing to the nation’s well–being by producing the bright minds of tomorrow.

Nurses are two-thirds of health workforce in India. Their central roles in health care delivery in terms of promotion, prevention, treatment, care and rehabilitation are highly significant. Nursing today has witnessed several changes, successes and challenges through a lot of stride and movement. Nurses have widened their scope of their work, however while the roles and responsibilities have multiplied, there are still concerns with regard to development of nursing.

Nursing is one of the most exciting and in-demand jobs in India today. It is often said that physicians cure, and nurses care. Nursing careers offer a wide variety of roles and a broad scope of responsibility. Nursing is recognized as the noblest profession in the world.

The roles of nurses are evolving and changing. Nurses can now perform health assessment, actively support patients and families in all settings, create innovative models of care, and enhance work processes to raise quality, lower cost and improve access for our society. Nurses can undertake research activities to find evidence to support new nursing interventions. Further, nurses can contribute towards strengthening systems to work efficiently in interdisciplinary teams. There is a rising demand in terms of manpower for tertiary and quaternary care, which requires specialized and highly skilled resources including doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff.

Considering the above scenario, the college of nursing was established in the year 2019 and is committed to provide quality education. We are engaged in this endeavor to teach the nurses of tomorrow who could contribute towards health awareness, patients care, comfort and cure.

I invite you all, dear students, to walk through our gates to feel the positivity vibrating in the atmosphere at Rashtrasant Janardhan Swami College of Nursing, Kopargaon, and join us in making it a truly world–class institution.

Wishing you all the very best in all times to come.